Saturday, April 3, 2010

It is hunting season...

Eggs that is.

I am not such a fan of the large public, everyone pushing and shoving kind of Egg Hunt.

I am however a fan of hunting Eggs with awesome families that have been such a Blessing to our lives.

Sweet kids that when they see a baby with only one egg, they toss one of theirs into Lil Guy's basket.

A Egg hunt that starts with a prayer and a picnic. Followed by all the kids sitting around listening to The Easter Story, while the Dads hide all the eggs.

Wonderful memories hosted by such an amazing family. Thank you F Family!

Little Guy loved carrying his basket. Eggs he could care less about!

Still carrying basket.

Big Guy just loved running free. Here is stopped for a brief moment.

Sadly this is the only pic of JP I got. I just could not keep up with him and his buddies.
They move crazy fast! I am so thankful he has such great kids to call his friends.

AJ on the run.

AJ showing Big Guy how to get the eggs.

AJ and Loulabelle. Sweet friends.

AJ and William. Her future husband, or so she thinks.
And we hope! :-)

Starting to figure this thing out.

My attempt at a group shot, after the hunt.

All the kids.

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!


Julianne said...

Love it! :) You are so blessed with friends.

dawn said...

Thanks for posting this, Jen. It is such a special time. Our hope is that the kids truly "get" the reason we honor this season. Thankful to be raising our boys around such wonderful families.

dawn said...

Just read this again and got tears in my eyes. It's always so overwhelming to host a party like this. It's not a lot of work, but stressing over the amount of kids, praying no one gets hurt and all that is sometimes tough on me.

But then I read this and it makes it all worth it.

I sent it to my mother and sister to read too. Thanks again!

Alana said...

It is such a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I always love a pic of Will with one of his "girls"!