Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has sprung...

It was almost 90 degrees on the last day of March, so we spent a glorious 4 hours at the park yesterday.

4 hours in the bright warm sunshine.

It was a day filled with more firsts.

I for instance managed 3 little people fairly well at this large park. I had taken them to a smaller fenced in grassy park, but this was a first attending a large park. A large park with no fence, concrete, large play structure, and many blindspots.

AJ enjoyed playing with several friends at the park, while mommy enjoyed a little adult chit chat.

Big Guy and Little Guy also enjoyed playing. Or maybe really just running around in opposite directions.

Big Guy also got his first skinned knee. He is so active and tough, he didn't even cry.

Big Guy zonked out after playing at the park.

Big Guy still zonked after being carried in and set down in the living room.
See the skinned knee?


Alana said...

Love the first and last pictures especially!

Janelle said...

Skinned knees on little boys make me a good way!

Love the swing picture!

Shelley said...

They were so cute together in the swing! And I love the pic on the floor!