Friday, April 30, 2010

Unsolicited Advice...

As a mom of twins, I get many many unsolicited comments.

Most days I just smile and accept whatever statement is said and then I take five more steps and grin again while the next stranger has more to say.

Some days it can just be down right frustrating when all I want to do is hurry through my errand and get back out to the car before someone has a meltdown.

Yesterday a situation arose where a mom of a single singleton, a school aged only child, decided to share her advice for my twin boys.

I placed a smile on my face, while inside I was thinking:

Are you seriously giving me, a mom of 4 including multiple toddlers, advice on playing games with my babies?

Sure the idea is great; however, if you don't have multiples plus 2 singletons then you would realize that daily life is more about survival mode.

I would love to play the fun games with Big & Little Guy like I did with JP and AJ. I would love to sit down and snuggle a baby for hours and hours. It would be so great to paint and use crayons. To squish play-doh. Play in a sand box. Have one on one time.

But the reality of life with multiples is that for the first couple of years you live in a state of survival. NEEDS must be met first. Safety is key. If I were to get out the play-doh, while I am helping twin A twin B will be eating ridiculous amounts of dough. If I get the paint out, twin A will poke twin B in the eye with a paint brush. Or escape the painting area and run through the house with paint filled hands. They run in opposite directions, giggling wildly all of the time.

Now mix in the needs of my big kids and we have the total chaos which is the household of the babydolls and soccer balls family. It is a loud, messy, and chaotic house filled with love and laughter. Yes my babies are not as advanced as their older singleton siblings, but they will catch up on their own time. Will they suffer because I can't play all the little educational little baby games with them. I think not.

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Esther and Brian said...

so so true...hi, just found your blog. my twin boys are 20 months old..i just posted something in regards to weird/strange comments from strangers, too...and i "only" have two kids, not four!!!