Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day in the Life...

The Question of the Week over at Multiples and More is:
Describe (in detail!) a full day in the life of YOU!
What is your schedule like? Do you work outside the home or stay home with the kids?
Do you follow it very closely?
How much (or how little?) "help" do you have?
What chores do you do on a daily basis?
Do you get any "me" time on an average day? What do you do then?
What is your favorite part of each day?
What is your least favorite part of each day?
Are you able to make time for all the things that you want/need to fit in? If you could fit it all in, what else would you do?

OKAY, so to hear this you better grab your favorite soda, chips, and salsa and kick back...

Obviously our schedule varies greatly in the summer than it does in the school year. With 2 active older singletons dictating our schedule, the school year is a very predictable schedule. Summer although still somewhat scheduled is a bit more loose.

While I do work outside the home, it is more of a from at home or on call kinda deal for our family business. When I do have to go in all four kiddos come along.
5-7am at some point husband wakes, gets ready, and leaves for day. Varies from day to day.
7-8am start hearing babies giggling on monitor.
8:00am pry self out of bed and get dressed. Wake older 2 kids tell them we have to leave within 30 minutes. (Why we don't just wake earlier and enjoy getting ready like in the school year, I don't know)
8:15 am station oldest in front of toaster, toasting entire package of waffles. AJ gets herself dressed, I fill sippy cups.
8:30 am go in and get babies changed and dressed.
8:40am nurse babies, seriously when will these two babies stop nursing?!
8:45am load four kids and start throwing waffles over my shoulder as we drive wildly to gymnastics.
9:00 am arrive at gymnastics as AJ flies out the door and runs in. I then unload all the boys and their junk and we go sit and watch AJ for the next TWO HOURS. I will love it when she is 6 and we can drop her off!
11:20 am load up and head home.
12:00 pm arrive home, nurse babies. Diaper and lay them down for naptime.
12:30 pm cue angels singing, listen for the fizz of a nice refreshing caffeine free COKE, prepare to prop feet up.
12:35 hurry big kids into deciding on lunch, assist in any prep...although they are very self sufficient.
1:00pm quiet time for everyone. Including mommy. Throw in a load of laundry before I lay on the couch to watch a little Hallmark Channel....or sleep.
2:00pm wander around house while every machine is running, and draw up fun plans for the hubby to build me things. I know he just luuvs when I get out the tape measure. Seriously I am addicted to THIS site.
3:00pm chores. aka laundry, laundry, laundry, followed by repeated sweeping throughout the kitchen over and over again.
4:00pm get babies up, diaper, and nurse.
5:00pm we are usually loading up again to go to either JP or AJ's sporting event. Or maybe a fun eventful evening of soccer, tennis, baseball, and teeball...all overlapping and in 150 degree heat with 98% humidity.
9:00pm or later arrive home and diaper nurse babies and lay down for bed. Or perhaps hose down babies depending on which field we have been at.
9:30pm collapse into the couch thinking it is almost bedtime when we realize none of the big kids or adults have had dinner.
10:00pm prepare wonderful grilled dinner
11:00pm eat dinner, trying to not fall asleep mid-chew. we don't wanna choke you know.
12:00 lie awake in bed because now you can't sleep. ugh.
12:05 play with iTouch and keep checking facebook, thinking why can't someone post something...I am bored!
3:17am Wake to small child's face 1/2 a centimeter from your face telling you they can't sleep.
3:30am Fall back asleep
6:00am husband's alarm wakes you up because husband can NEVER figure out the difference between off and sleep. Grr.
6:10am smack husband to get up
6:20 smack husband again and tell him to get up or you are going to go back to sleep and he will over sleep.
6:30am fall DEAD asleep
8:20am wake up peaceful and feeling refreshed
8:21 am remember you are supposed to be somewhere at 9am that is over 15 minutes away.
8:21:30 am REPEAT ABOVE FRANTIC schedule .

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Big Guy you have been the least verbal of the duo. There have been concerns of hearing and such, but you press on trying so hard to get words out.

A lot of what you say is "twinspeak". When you are saying it though, I know you know what you are trying to say but we don't. Your eyes sometimes just say, "I just told you what I want, don't you understand me?"

Lately your language has been EXPLODING!

This morning I walked into your room and you and Little Guy were saying Da-Da. When I said no Dada is at work you said, "Uh-Oh." This was so fitting since today was Father's Day.

Anytime you see the tv paused due to signal loss you stop and say, "Uh-Oh."

This morning you also said Waaful for the first time. It was so cute.

Big Guy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You'd think I never feed this kid...

Never far from my "feed bag", or my cute cooler bag, Little Guy decided he needed to find a snack.

So he just DOVE right in!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Break...

While JP has been at Kamp, the twins are having a lovely start to their summer break.

Swimming, napping, eating, water hoses, mud, and balls have been the extent of most of our days.

I know they miss their Big Bro, but they definitely do not miss all the bleacher time that comes along with Big Brother.

During a double header at the ball park.

Little Guy on the left and Big Guy on the right.
Ready for a little bump.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wayback Wednesday...

Way back almost 6 years ago, two adorable little girls were born just 10 days apart. They would then spend the next five years tagging along to ball games, play dates, and birthdays for their older siblings. Somewhere in that five years a sweet little friendship blossomed, both in the mommies and the girls. Today this adorable twosome have such a close relationship they sometimes bicker like sisters. How sweet it is for AJ to have such a special friend in Annie. I can't wait to see these two together as teenagers, they balance each other so well.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

She says the funniest things...

This morning AJ observed me nursing the twins when she stated so bluntly,
"Babies when will you stop nursing, when you are SEVENTEEN?!"
That girl makes me laugh!

Friday, June 4, 2010

National Donut Day...

According to Wikipedia, National Doughnut Day started in 1938 as a fund raiser for the Chicago Salvation Army. Their goal was to help the needy during the Great Depression, and to honor the Salvation Army "Lassies" of World War I , who served doughnuts to soldiers.

So after Preschool Open Gym at the Y, we decided to celebrate National Doughnut Day. Krispy Kreme is AJ's favorite donut place, so that is where we went.

Of course I brought the camera becaues today was the twins first donut ever! Boy did they ever LOVE it. Big Guy had his devoured before I could ever wheel the stroller to the table!

Little Guy enjoyed his donut too, followed by a tall glass of milk!

Little Guy

Big Guy on his 2nd donut!

Little Guy wondering if the lady will hand him another one.

AJ on her 2nd one!

Big Guy...mmmmm!
So stop by your local Krispy Kreme for a free donut and drop some change in their red bucket!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Splash Time...

Little Guy

Big Guy on the Left, Little Guy on the Right

Big Guy

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A first...

Memorial Weekend JP participated in his first baseball tournament in competitive baseball.

It was quite the experience, to say the least. The teams we played were complete opposite ends of the spectrum as far as character goes. And the team that won, definitely deserved it. They were good.

The first day started out quite rough with 2 losses. There were moments our boys looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Then there was Sunday. We showed up to play some ball. And play some ball we did. The boys made great plays, great pitches, and great hits (more on that later). They finished up their first tournament with a 2nd place finish!

It was an exciting moment with trophies for all and a giant trophy for the team.

That is exciting, but what was even more exciting was when we realized that this was the first trophy JP had actually earned.

You see the boy has been playing 5 seasons of sports for 6 years, all of which have resulted in either a trophy or a medal. Kids come to expect a reward just for playing. So when he first received the trophy, his excitement wasn't as big as it was in the car on the way home when I explained to him the meaning of that trophy. The Pirates fought for that 2nd place finish. They had a very rough Saturday, but came back and fought the good fight when they needed to. They didn't give up. Throughout the whole tournament, even after losing, their character was amazing. They earned it.

These are not good boys, they are GREAT boys.

Pirate Baseball 9U team

JP #7


This afternoon we will send our oldest off to summer Kamp for two whole weeks.

2 weeks.

He is beyond excited. Not only will he be going to an amazing kamp, but he will be there with great friends.

He will spend two weeks swimming, canoeing, blobbing, playing sports, barn swinging, laughing, Loving the Lord, and just being a boy.

JP we hope you have a great time!

Kamp 2009

Kamp 2009

Kamp 2009

Kamp 2009