Sunday, June 20, 2010


Big Guy you have been the least verbal of the duo. There have been concerns of hearing and such, but you press on trying so hard to get words out.

A lot of what you say is "twinspeak". When you are saying it though, I know you know what you are trying to say but we don't. Your eyes sometimes just say, "I just told you what I want, don't you understand me?"

Lately your language has been EXPLODING!

This morning I walked into your room and you and Little Guy were saying Da-Da. When I said no Dada is at work you said, "Uh-Oh." This was so fitting since today was Father's Day.

Anytime you see the tv paused due to signal loss you stop and say, "Uh-Oh."

This morning you also said Waaful for the first time. It was so cute.

Big Guy

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Amanda said...

That picture is AMAZING!! So glad you are seeing 'hearing' improvements!