Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A month ago, my sweet Nana came to visit and brought he dog Coco. The two left a lasting impression on my duo.

Coco was amazing with the boys. Such a sweet natured dog with patience. If we were to get a dog anytime soon, one like Coco would be at the top.

Typically the boys do not care for dogs up close, so I was very surprised to see them so involved with Coco.

Big Guy loved sharing his milk with Coco, she LOVED it too.

Everyday at least 3 times a day the boys say, "CoCo CoCo Nahna nahna bye bye." and shake their head as if telling me...yes coco and nana are bye bye.
Hopefully soon we will see them all again!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Big Guy this is your new favorite game. You love to go to the top of the driveway and release your favorite truck, car, or tractor. It is even funnier to you if it hits something or someone!
You love watching wheels turn on cars, big and small.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Brother...

I am not one to pretend that my children have a perfect sibling relationship. They have their moments of frustration. AJ has on ocasion been known to call JP, her "Big BOTHER".

But then there are those moments that occur when you know they have a truly sweet relationship.

Today was one of those moments.

AJ is spending the night with a friend and going home with that friend after school. So she didn't have to carry 2 backpacks and a lunch box, JP took her sleepover backpack to his school to the mom of AJ's friend.


Did I mention that the backpack was PINK. Bright PINK. AND that he had to walk through the WHOLE school to get to the mom's classroom in the 2nd grade hall.


I am so proud of JP, willing to help his little sister out without any prompting. It was not even 2 seconds out of the car a 4th grade girl stated in a girly voice, "Hello JP with the GIRLY PINK BAG."

He kept his head held high and continued on. He is an AWESOME BIG BROTHER and amazing kid with character.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Day of School...

First Day of School
It is certain it will be an amazing year for sure! AJ was beyond excited. She spent weeks trying to figure out the perfect outfit, only to find out she had PE the first day. She finally decided on a cute shirt, skirt, leggings, and cute converse like shoes.
JP is an old pro at this back to school thing. His only request was a one-strap backpack. He was a smidge nervous about the transition into a regular classroom, after having a computer class for 2 years.


4th Grade

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My neat freak...

Little Guy has always been fascinated by brooms "booms" and vacuums. He also is big on picking toys up and putting them away. He knows things have their place and he likes them put away. If he finds a piece of trash he says "trash" with a major emphasis on the sh. It looks so cute when he says trash because he juts his 2 tiny teeth on the bottom way out. Then he goes running for the nearest waste basket, and trust me he knows where they all are. It only takes Little Guy seconds to spot a broom or vacuum.

this day he was having a water day at our church when he spotted a shop vac on a deck.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer is...

Barefoot Dirty Feet

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Guy...

Big Guy
You have grown so much this summer! You are such a sweet boy with a lot to say. This summer your language has exploded. You try so hard to communicate your wants and needs. We are starting to understand all your sweet words. Recently when we ask you to do something you respong with "K". It is so cute. You are a very good listener and sweet to your brother.
Many times you will sneak two cereal bars from the snack drawer and go running to Little Guy with a treat for him. Your favorite foods are pasta, bread, cheese, and grapes. There really isn't any food you turn down actually.
You have developed a love for Elmo or as you say it, "LA LA " We think you get the name la la from the theme song ,"la la la elmo's world". You also love Toy Story. You call every character Buzz and when you see one of them you scream with excitement, "Buuu". I love the way you tilt your head when you want something and then shake it yes, as if telling me since you say yes I should say yes. I also love that you repeat everything several times as you are saying it. I guess you are just making sure we hear you.
You are very smart in the car. You shout out various landmarks as we are driving, such as "wa-wa" and "Nena". When AJ and JP started school you always ask when AJ gets out of the car if we will be back after naptime. You tilt your head and then say "nighnighnigh sis?"
By the end of the summer you became very brave in the water. You love putting your face in the water and walking on your hands in the water. You also learned to count to 3 by standing on the side of the pool to jump in. "waa, tu, tee" love it! At the beginning of summer you loved sliding on the slide "lllliide" , but towards the end not so much.
On 8/4/10 these were your stats:
21 months
30 3/4"
25 1/4 lbs
you wore some 6-9 month and 12 month clothes all summer
size 3 diapers
you started out summer in a size 5 shoe, but quickly moved to a 6 since you have such a fat foot.
you are still nursing 3-5 times a day