Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Brother...

I am not one to pretend that my children have a perfect sibling relationship. They have their moments of frustration. AJ has on ocasion been known to call JP, her "Big BOTHER".

But then there are those moments that occur when you know they have a truly sweet relationship.

Today was one of those moments.

AJ is spending the night with a friend and going home with that friend after school. So she didn't have to carry 2 backpacks and a lunch box, JP took her sleepover backpack to his school to the mom of AJ's friend.


Did I mention that the backpack was PINK. Bright PINK. AND that he had to walk through the WHOLE school to get to the mom's classroom in the 2nd grade hall.


I am so proud of JP, willing to help his little sister out without any prompting. It was not even 2 seconds out of the car a 4th grade girl stated in a girly voice, "Hello JP with the GIRLY PINK BAG."

He kept his head held high and continued on. He is an AWESOME BIG BROTHER and amazing kid with character.

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