Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Guy...

Big Guy
You have grown so much this summer! You are such a sweet boy with a lot to say. This summer your language has exploded. You try so hard to communicate your wants and needs. We are starting to understand all your sweet words. Recently when we ask you to do something you respong with "K". It is so cute. You are a very good listener and sweet to your brother.
Many times you will sneak two cereal bars from the snack drawer and go running to Little Guy with a treat for him. Your favorite foods are pasta, bread, cheese, and grapes. There really isn't any food you turn down actually.
You have developed a love for Elmo or as you say it, "LA LA " We think you get the name la la from the theme song ,"la la la elmo's world". You also love Toy Story. You call every character Buzz and when you see one of them you scream with excitement, "Buuu". I love the way you tilt your head when you want something and then shake it yes, as if telling me since you say yes I should say yes. I also love that you repeat everything several times as you are saying it. I guess you are just making sure we hear you.
You are very smart in the car. You shout out various landmarks as we are driving, such as "wa-wa" and "Nena". When AJ and JP started school you always ask when AJ gets out of the car if we will be back after naptime. You tilt your head and then say "nighnighnigh sis?"
By the end of the summer you became very brave in the water. You love putting your face in the water and walking on your hands in the water. You also learned to count to 3 by standing on the side of the pool to jump in. "waa, tu, tee" love it! At the beginning of summer you loved sliding on the slide "lllliide" , but towards the end not so much.
On 8/4/10 these were your stats:
21 months
30 3/4"
25 1/4 lbs
you wore some 6-9 month and 12 month clothes all summer
size 3 diapers
you started out summer in a size 5 shoe, but quickly moved to a 6 since you have such a fat foot.
you are still nursing 3-5 times a day

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