Thursday, October 7, 2010

I just don't fit...

I was at Kohl's last night, by myself.

Cue the angels singing.

It was marvelous. I actually got to try things on, without someone commenting on my panties.

I touched every rack and not because I was chasing toddlers through them.

I walked past the childrens clothes without spending all of my allotted shopping time stuck in that section.


I observed people, rather than people observing me.

Seriously wonderful.


I was eavesdropping on a group of managers as they did their store walk through and discussed displays. I overheard them talking about a particular line of clothing that they can't seem to keep in stock.

Have you seen it? The Lauren Conrad Collection.

One of the young men said, "It is interesting because not just the young girls are buying it, but even the older women are buying it too."

After I was done perusing the section I was in I wandered over to the section they were discussing. And then I realized.

I am the older woman they are talking about.

When did I become too old for the Junior section, but out of place for the Misses section?

Perhaps I should stick with Active Wear...

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