Wednesday, November 10, 2010


AJ has had a wonderful soccer season. She has shown that she can hang right up there with the boys. She is fast and uses her head. She seems to be more of an offensive player than a defensive player, as she scored several goals this season.

Saturday was The Yellow Stars last game. AJ complained right as they took the field that she wasn't sure she felt good, but it sure did not show in her playing. She had a great game. She accepted a pass right in front of the goal and fired it in for a score. It was as if she had been told play middle forward. She was precisely where she needed to be for what would be a quite normal play in the big kid games. It was awesome!

Then in the second half she had a throw in down on the goal line that she threw in towards the goal, hit a kid in the head, and then the ball went straight into the goal. It was funny! She thought that was just the coolest.

It has been the best season watching her grow to love the sport. We are so proud of you AJ!


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