Monday, December 27, 2010

Gingerbread Houses...

This holiday season we had many activities, but the one that stands out as being the favorite is making gingerbread houses with the twins at the Parents as Teachers playgroup.

JP paired up with Big Guy and AJ with Little Guy. The bigs assisted the twins in making their first ever gingerbread houses.

I wasn't sure how this whole event would go because it was during Aaron's work hours, so he was unable to join me. Wrangling 4 kids is hard enough in public, but when you add endless amounts of candy and sugar...yeek I wasn't sure what to expect!

It actually went perfectly smooth. I was so pumped over the successful afternoon.

Both boys enjoyed eating the candies as much as they enjoyed placing them on the houses. They both attempted to wield the plastic knives while applying the frosting, which was fun to watch. JP and AJ were real helpers as they were only there to assist and did not actually create houses of their own.

I was really proud of my Quad.

AJ and Little Guy
who I think ate more candies than he placed on the house!

JP and Big Guy
Big Guy was serious about the decorating until he saw Little Guy shovelling the candies in his mouth

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Alana said...

Fun! I love how your paired them up, then you are free to take pictures! :-)