Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Aunt Rocks...

I recently bought my expecting sister a super cute onesie for my new nephew that says:

I am thinking about getting an adult sized shirt that reads the same. You see I have this awesome Aunt. She is just real swell. She LOVES the Lord, is an awesome friend, and great role model. I hope I can be the kind of Aunt she has been to me, to my new nephew.
Not only is she full of fun, laughter, kindness, and wisdom; but the girl can cook. Every recipe she has ever given me is always the most delicious. This is my favorite holiday recipe from her. You always know if you stop by her house you are most certainly going to leave with a full belly and a smile.
She also makes a mean, mean milkshake. And by mean, I mean perfection in a cup. Topped with whipcream and a strawberry of course.
I was lucky enough to be treated to one of these amazing delights back in late summer when Aunt Julie came for a visit with my Nana.

Aunt Julie, Me, and the Infamous MilkShake

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