Friday, January 14, 2011


Growing up I had great friends, but I can't really say that I truly had a 'best friend'.

AJ has been so fortunate to already have amazing little friends. She has developed close relationships with several great little girls. Which is interesting because I thought she might have trouble making friends. She is a relatively quiet kid in public, or at least in situations where she may not know everyone.

At 6 she has already had more sleepovers at friends houses than her big brother. She has become quite the social butterfly.

There is one special friend that AJ just adores.

Loulabelle is not only AJ's friend, but also her family. These two sweet girls have been buddies since they were born. They are just different enough to compliment each other wonderfully. When they get together they get along amazing.

Both girls are sandwiched between brothers in their families. It comforts me to know that although I will never be able to give AJ a sister, that she will grow up giggling and laughing with her best friend Loulabelle.


Janelle said...

Oh my word!!! Those pictures are so sweet. Langley loves AJ so much. They complete each other. Heart the matching jammies.

Shelley said...

Love LOVE these two sweet girls!