Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Boy Beds, Big Headache...

Just before the twins 2nd birthday, Little Guy climbed/fell out of his bed.

Freaked me out, so we sprang into big boy room makeover, more on that makeover later.

It seemed we were a bit premature because while we were finishing the room, we put the boys in play yards in the scrapbook room. They were sleeping wonderfully in the play yards.

So when we finished the room we tried a couple long unsuccessful nights and nap times in the big boys beds and we immediately went to putting the play yards into their room.

I mean after one solid year of sleepless-ness, I treasure my sleep. T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E my sleep.

Everything was going beautifully through the holidays, boys would go to bed between 6-7pm and then wake between 7-9am. They would still nap from noon-4, or noon-3. It was just what this exhausted momma needs during a day.

Then a few days ago, I hear some crazy noises from their room. Noises I only recognize to be the closet door being slammed.

I opened the door only to find not one, but TWO toddlers running a muck.


After watching Big Guy repeatedly go in and out of the play yard, I decided it was time.

So we broke down the play yards and took a good look around the room for dangers and began what I will refer to as the Big Boy Bed Break In Week.

Bedtime, seems to be going well. Although I will for sure not be able to ever put them to bed before they are truly ready.

Nap times on the other hand are not so great. I am determined to get these boys to successfully nap in the big boy beds. If I can survive this week, I think I can 'break them'. I am determined to do this without removing the toys in their room because that would just be very inconvenient. Instead I just want to keep correcting them and putting them back into their beds, eventually they will fall asleep at nap again. I hope.

This is what happens to boys left to explore their room in the middle of the day.

Big Guy in the Foreground on the "sluhlalide" Little Guy in the Background

Mass Destruction

*all furniture is anchored to the wall.


Alana said...

William can make his room like this in two seconds flat, and he's six. It's that creative mind, I guess! Sure hope they get the nap thing down for you soon!

Shelley said...

I feel for you!!!