Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Dinner...

I love taking pictures. I don't go many places without at least one camera attached to me.

I have really never fully appreciated the ease of the timered shot. A friend of mine re-introduced me to this lovely feature, as most gatherings with friends usually involves a timed shot....or 2 or 3. :-)

So at Christmas dinner when I sat and immediately popped up and said, "WAIT! We need a picture." I think I freaked my family out.

"Where will you put the camera?" "You can't put it there" "Hurry up the food is getting cold"

I am so glad I made them take this picture because it is awesome!

Christmas Dinner 2010

I mean seriously, how do the babies even know to freeze and smile for the camera at the 10 second interval?
Special thanks to Uncle Mark for sending the roast and turkey for this awesome meal. Forget Omaha Steak, I wanna sign up for the Uncle Mark monthly meat delivery package!


Carissa said...

so pleased i've inspired you! : )

Alana said...

Oh, that did turn out great! Even the babies are looking! :-)

Shelley said...

I love how little guy is peeking around to see the camera! HOW do you get them to do things like that??!! Great pic!