Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grocery Shopping...

There is snow in the forecast here in my neck of the woods.

Which of course means that everyone and their brother heads to the grocery store. I don't typically buy into the whole snow is coming better go buy out the store hype, but this time we actually needed bread and milk.

I had three choices this morning.

1. go WITH the twins this am
2. go WITH all FOUR kids this afternoon
3. go tonight by myself risking no bread and no milk. (or at least the kinds we don't use)

I decided to go with option 1.

I put Little guy in the basket top buckled and had Big Guy in the large basket area. I tried to go as fast as humanly possibly. Swerving in and out of mobs of people pushing a heavy cart with one hand and wielding, sometimes dragging a very heavy 2 year old.

By checkout time we were past happy and behaved. They wanted wa wa and cheezze and dooown.

Of course the checkouts were crazy, so I picked the line with the fastest checker I could see. (Yes I am that anal that I know which checkers are ranked at what speed)

When I am obviously having trouble holding a wiggling strong 2 year old, while putting the groceries on the conveyor belt, and trying to coax the other 2 year old from throwing all items out of cart and unrestraining himself the thing that shocks me is that no one helps.

Yes I realize I am surrounded by strangers, but what ever happened to helping our fellow man?

The 47 people lined up with their carts behind me just stare. Blank stare at the fiasco that is a mom of twin toddlers checking out. Would it be that inconvenient to say, "Hey can I help put your groceries on the belt?"

Or even the clerk? Shouldn't she offer to either scan faster, scan items from the cart itself, or just call over a bag boy? I am handing over my good money for these products, at least act happy that I am spending the money in their establishment.

Perhaps I am of a rare breed because I still hold the door open for the person(s) behind me. I bend over and pick something up when someone near me drops something. I ask someone trying to reach something if I can get it for them. I say excuse me, please, and thank you. I greet the greeters at the store. I wave at every neighbor I pass, even if I don't know them. I tie the shoes of random kids. I lift heavy things for strangers. I respond sweetly even to the wackiest of comments. I help others.

And even when I am juggling the Twinadoes in a stressful checking out situation, I smile.

What have you done for someone else today?


Shelley said...

Ugh. I am sorry you had to go today, with the twins. People at walmart drive me crazy. It's like they take a selfish pill as they walk through the doors! Shoppers, checkers, even managers!

Jamie said...

I would help. This is one reason I live Harter house. The workers are so helpful and kind.

twinjulie said...

Twinado... Love it! Jen, reading your blog makes me want to call my mom and give her a hug. Thanks for sharing!

Alana said...

I would have helped, too. I don't understand people who don't or the old people that glare at us when we are all out together. Those people really get my goat!