Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hidden Gem of the STL...

We recently found a real gem on our family vacation.

An inexpensive, educational, fun place that accomodated our wide age range of children.

It is The Museum of Transportation.

It is a train lovers paradise!

Although we only get to venture to STL about twice a year, we plan on becoming members of this awesome Museum.

Our praises are really saying a lot about this fine establishment as the day we chose to check it out was rainy, cold, and snow covered.

Next time we go I would love to take a tripod and get some awesome pics for a future Christmas card.

Aaron, Big Guy, AJ, JP, Little Guy, and Mommy


Janelle said...

Very cool! We will have to go there this summer!

Celeste said...

Oh my, Luke would love that!

Alana said...

Good to know, I am sure the boys would like that!