Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Christmas Morning Man...

Santa visits our neck of the woods during the night after all the children are fast asleep.

The Babydolls and Soccerballs kids leave cookies, cheese, and milk for Santa. The reindeer are also provided for with carrots.

After being read The Christmas Story from the Bible, the children sleep camp out style in the living room watching The Christmas Story(Movie) as they fall asleep.

In the morning the kids come bounding in to wake mom and dad. While cinnamon rolls cook and diapers are changed, the excitement builds. Unless of course a certain 9 year old makes a poor decision and tells his 6 year old innocent sister that she should run downstairs and peek at the tree.

While I did get to see the excitement in her eye as she came bounding up the stairs saying, "we all got new backpacks" I was crazy disappointed that I had missed out on seeing the wonder in her eye of the magic of the morning. Needless to say a certain 9 year old lost his privileges for the remainder of the year.

After the grandparents and Aunt walk down the street in their jammies, tradition, everyone gets situated and ready to watch the 4 kiddos walk into the family room to see the loot.

AJ, Little Guy, Big Guy, JP

Would you believe I bought JP and AJ's Christmas jammies in March of 2008 before we even knew of the twins. Lucky for me, my good friend Shelley had the 2 pairs of 24 month jammies to match. I just love these jammies!


Shelley said...

Oh I just love those jammies!!! Great pic!

Alana said...

Really cute jammies!

Sherri said...

After too many years of being woken up all hours of the night or lying there worrying about missing one of my kids walk into the living room before I could see him/her, we made a new rule. Now, the night before Christmas, we hang the stockings and gather all of the sleeping bags and put the kids down in my daughter's room. Her room is in the back of the house and has its own bathroom. Once they go to bed, they are not to come out again until we go get them in the morning. They are older, so this isn't as cruel as it seems...haha. My husband and I get up around 6:30 in the morning and go get them up....watch them all walk into the living room at the same time. This has saved me from sleepless nights and sleepy Christmas days.
I LOVE the jammies!!!