Sunday, January 2, 2011


While on vacation this Christmas break I found myself a bit stressed.

I had gotten up very early for the car ride and we had crammed the day full of great activities. So I was tired.

Upon checking into the hotel I was completely disappointed in the double beds. I mean seriously what hotel uses double beds these days? It had probably been a good 20 years since I have seen accommodations this tiny, or maybe I am just bigger?

Anyhoo we finally got the babies to sleep, so I drifted into a bliss full slumber when all of a sudden at 3am I realize my leg is wet.

No I did not pee the bed, but my lovely 6 year old did. A freak accident. She will now forever be known as "Fuller" when we travel. You Home Alone buffs will chuckle at that reference.

She wet the bed sooo badly that no one could sleep in that bed. ugh.

So I woke the husband and he made a bed on the ground for JP and then one for AJ. Then 2 not so huge people tried to sleep in a full size bed.

I tell ya I felt like Will Ferrell in the ELF movie...a giant in a teeny tiny bed.

I woke way to early from the neighbors whose toilet we could hear flushing and whose sink we could hear turned on everysingletime.

The good news is that our neighbors were avid hand washers, the bad news is that apparently they had Mexican the previous night.

When I finally realized there was no way I could fall back asleep, what with all the hand washing and flushing I decided to get up and get ready.

I jumped into the shower only to be deeply sadden that there was not one single drop of hot water.

Are you serious?

Tiny Bed+ Noisy Neighbors +AND NO HOT WATER = CRABBY MOMMY

After we departed our lovely 3 1/2 star accommodations, so they say, we arrived at the local Bob Evans for some breakfast.

It was a bit chaotic in there. The manager actually started to serve us because our waitress was busy. When the waitress arrived she was very discombobulated and honestly just not very good.

I know you are thinking this is where the day gets even worse, but it didn't.

The seating in Bob Evans is very close, so we could hear everything at the tables around us. The waitress, named Susie*, frantically went to the table behind us with relatively newly seated patrons.

With deep deep concern in her voice she asked if there were a couple dollars left on the table. When the patrons replied no, she asked again to verify.

It was the moment she walked away that my day changed. I caught the look on her face and heard the concern in her voice over just a few dollars.

My mind instantly raced to how just a few dollars can impact a family.

I realized at that moment how ridiculous I was acting over my not so comfy fancy hotel room on VACATION. Seriously that was my stress for the day. I felt very small and silly in that moment.

It was as if God was tapping me on the shoulders and reminding me to be Thankful. Be Thankful for all of His Blessings.

Susie* was not the greatest waitress I have ever had, but she was trying. She had left her 1 and 3 year old babies at home to go make a living serving crabby people food at Bob Evans. For the most part, she did it with a smile.

I did not mention my observations to Aaron and the kids. I decided instead to just change my attitude and truly enjoy the time with my family. When we left to pay, you can bet Susie earned more than her 15%.


MJ said...

As a former waitress, that warmed my heart. Thanks for you perception. Us Americans think we have it bad, but really, most of those under the poverty level still have it better than so many others on this planet.

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Shelley said...

I cannot imagine leaving my own kids to serve crabby people. I certainly feel for servers. I'm curious if your 3 1/2 star hotel was the same brand as the 3 1/2 star hotel that J and I just stayed in. It wasn't good either. We'll have to talk!