Monday, January 31, 2011

Preparing for the Impending Ice Storm...

"My word lady are you preparing for armageddon?"

"No, just 4 days stuck at home with my kids."


Seriously though, it seems my region is in for a doozy of a storm the next couple of days.

Snow I love, ice not so much.

It is the 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch ice that has me worried, rather than the call for 12 inches snow.

Ice of that magnitude would mean power outages.

Translation...absolutely no fun.

So today I went out early for provisions.....

My haul.
So let me explain the goods.
Water...lots of water. All for drinking. I plan to fill tubs tomorrow am for use for flushing should we lose power.
generator...just a small one. In case we lose power and run out of propane for the gas fireplace. Then we can plug a small heater into it.
small plug into generator.
bread, eggs, and milk...3 of the most important staples in this house. we were just perfect with what we had, but I 'd rather have too much.
batteries and flashlights...stocked up
bouncy entertain the children should mommy be stuck at home for days with the daddy working. ;-)
baby keep the pinballs of destruction, aka the twins out of the kitchen. thank you Shelley!
This evening will consist of finishing up washing the last load of laundry, charging up all the electronic devices, baths for everyone, and baking up some delicious goodies--you never know when you might need a little chocolate treat to barter your way into someone's nice cozy wood burning fireplace house. ;-)
So I will pray like crazy for no power outages and try to enjoy what we do get.
At least I have hot chocolate to enjoy. I picked up the 80 ounces can of Swiss Miss at Sam's yesterday, so I should have enough hot chocolate until 2087.


Zookeeper Jess said...

"Enough hot chocolate until 2087" LOL! So funny!

You're not messing around and I TOTALLY understand. I have four toddlers here and if the power goes out I'm done for. We are in Ohio about an hour southeast of Cincinnati so I'm curious what state you live in! We are also getting the ice storm tonight.

Good luck, and have fun drinking all that hot chocolate. I have 2 boxes with miniature marshmallows myself!

Shelley said...

Hope that gate is coming in handy!!! :-)