Friday, January 21, 2011

They Pranked Me...

Today the phone rang at precisely 10am.

It was the dentist office.

"Can you be here at 10:50 we have 2 openings for you and JP?"

I look around quickly at my diaper wearing messy faced duo and my crazy bed head half dressed 6 year old.

"Absolutely. I will round up the troops and be there at 10:50"

Yes I actually said round up the troops, clearly I have been trapped in the house far too long.

As soon as the call disconnect, or at least I hope, adrenaline kicks in and I began screaming:

"JP get dressed FAST, turn all the lights off down there, and get up here QUICK!!!"

"AJ get your socks and shoes on. Comb your hair and dress Little Guy. HURRY HURRY HURRY!"

"You can't wear shorts!" "My word what happened to your hair!!" "HURRY PEOPLE HURRY!"


Breakfasts were abandoned. Food left flung on the floor. I was running around frantic grabbing outfits and barking orders. I had to tame my wild bed head quick and change out my jammies. Toothbrushes were flying. The car was started. AJ wrangled Little Guy, while I wrestled Big Guy. I frantically called my mother in law to ask if I could drop the 3 littles off with her.

We got in the car and speed away through the ice and snow in a frantic mad dash to drop the littles off all the way across town.

Heart pounding, sweat dripping.

We drop the littles off at 10:41 and speed away to the dentist office.

And the phone rings.

As we are pulling off the highway onto the road to the parking lot, it is 10:48.

dentist office, "We made a mistake we don't have an opening for you. Sorry."

me "Wha? So we do not have an appointment today? Um. Ok."

I was way too polite.

This is what I should have said,"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do you know what I just went through to get 4 kids...FOUR, Cuatro, as in 1-2-3-4-little defiant humans... AND myself ready, secure childcare, and drive across town in 45 minutes?!"

Seriously annoyed.

I am now home to my exploded house, with a massive migraine, and teeth that are still dirty.

I would eat a vat of brownie batter, but that would probably just cause a cavity.

*edited after a lovely snack
Not really the dentists fault, just a random crazy computer error.

Now that I am home and the house is cleaned up, the babies are "napping", I have indulged in a snack, and some migraine meds it is a wee bit amusing to think back on.

I mean seriously ladies if you had seen the pure franctic-ness of this whole ordeal, you would be laughing hysterically. Sometimes I wish there was a camera on me because surely the events of this morning would have made for some great reality tv, or perhaps a winning clip on america's funniest home videos.

This is my life. Honestly I am just glad I can sit back and laugh at myself. :-)


Shelley said...

OH NOT COOL! I am so sorry. I think you should call them back. Seriously. That is ridiculous.

MarytheKay said...

Oh my WORD. You need to send a copy of this to the dentist's office!!! :-)