Thursday, January 20, 2011


Big Guy and Little Guy play well together, but they also are very intense on what is theirs.

You can hear a lot of "MINE" is this house. Which is quite normal with twins.

I mean it would be nearly impossible to have two of EVERYTHING.

The other day when I caught the twins being naughty getting into the candy drawer, I had to laugh.

They were sharing while being naughty.

Big Guy on the left, Little Guy on the right

Do I punish them for getting into the candy drawer, or praise them for sharing with each other?



Julianne said...

This is funny! I noticed the sharing when you wrote about this experience the other day and got a kick out of it. :)

In answer to your question: Praise the sharing. Lock the candy drawer.

Alana said...

Well, clearly, they are too cute to punish, so you must go with prais! :-)