Thursday, January 13, 2011


Praise the Lord!

Little Guy finally fell asleep during nap time today!


Of course he fell asleep just minutes before it was time to get him up and go do the afterschool pick up, but HE FELL ASLEEP!


Little Guy

Little Guy

Now if we can just get him to fall asleep sooner and in his bed. ha!
Big Guy did not fall asleep, when I came in to the disaster he was laying down on his bed with his legs propped up and a blankie draped over his nekked body.
Oh yes, he was naked.
Also praise the Lord that Big Guy did not make any messes.


Alana said...

Aw, bless his heart. Surely they will both be sleeping through before too long! Hoping for you!!

Janelle said...

They will get the hang of it! Hopefully soon.

Shelley said...

After what we've been through with Austin, I am praising God with you that Big Guy didn't make any messes! :)