Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A walk down memory lane...

Today my good friend Alana announced the re-opening of her awesome business, Kindermusik with Alana.

It is so exciting to have this learning opportunity available in our area again. Ms. Alana is an awesome teacher and the kids just adore her.

My older two kids both participated in Kindermusik. AJ participated for much longer than JP and honestly would have continued had the option been available.

AJ loved the instruments, the music, and the books. She loved all the adorable songs that go along with the classes.

Even years later I still find myself wondering through the house singing, "Its our time to sing together, it our time...." Or when I am in a hurry and cleaning, "Itsy bitsy mousey kins, runs around the housey kins...itsy bitsy mousey kins runs around the housey kins, runs runs runs!"

Every week the class was different, but it built on the previous week. Ms. Alana has a gift at creatively keeping the kids attention with new ways of applying different lessons. I will never forget the day we ice skated indoors, or the rocking time. Rocking time was so precious because a toddler hardly ever slows down to just be held.

I will also never forget my adorable newly 1 year old signing the word 'Mouse' to me. Amazing.

So today when Alana offered up an opportunity for a chance to win a free tuition, I jumped at the chance! I began looking through photos and was just taken a back to the beginning of some of the best years of my life.

You see Kindermusik was not just an awesome learning opportunity for my child, it was a chance for me to make friends as well. Amazing friendships were forged from those classes.

It is just crazy to think those chubby cheeked toddler boys (before even digital cameras no less) are now all turning 10! And sweet AJ and her girly girls, who by the way were always just decked out in the cutest outfits for Kindermusik, are now 1st graders and kindergartners.

Be still my heart.

Listening ears.

Story Time

Musical Instrument Exploration


Shelley said...

Oh mercy how cute! I just put some old pics on my blog too. I can't believe they're not that size anymore!

Alana said...

Love this so much. I can't thank you enough for encouraging me and reminding me why I loved doing this so much! Such a cutie!

Janelle said...

I can't believe how emotional I have been all day remembering this season of life. I forgot how much I loved KM. Those were easy "let's go to lunch" days.

And the pictures...yum.