Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Works for Me...

I like for all the kids toys to have a 'home'.

In order for that to be successful, I try to think of easy ways my children will be able to properly put the toys away.

One of my favorite storage solutions is the old hanging shoe organizer. There is pretty much one hanging on the back of every door in this house.

You can get the hanging shoe organizer for less than $6 at your local big box stores. My personal favorite is the clear kind.

Recently I decided to take all the puzzles out of their boxes, cut a picture off the box, and put them in clear ziplocs. Wow what a space saver! I cleared an entire shelf in our game closet!

Here are the puzzles and card game/flashcards neatly tucked away in their pouches on the inside of the closet door in the playroom.

Close up of the finished product.
My next favorite use for the shoe hangers is for Barbie and her friends. AJ loves to play Barbies, but wants to be able to see all her girls and their accessories easily. So Barbie and her things hang sit neatly in each shoe pocket hanging on the inside of the closet door in the playroom. Her Barbie mansion is inside the closet too, which is perfect because she can sit and play with everything in reach.

You can even put more than one Barbie per spot.

See the shoes in the bottom, no more sucking them up in the vac!

Another great use for the shoe organizer is on the coat closet. I love having one there for all the hats, gloves, and scarves. Each member of the family gets a row at our house for their items.

We have also used one on the back of AJ's door for hairbows, hair thingys, headbands, etc. All arranged by color. I put the pony holders (aka hair thingys) in the pockets and then clip the alligator clip bows into the edge of the pocket.

Of course you could use the shoe organizer for well, shoes, but that would be too practical.


MarytheKay said...

Hmm, you've got me thinking about this now... I've never thought of putting one in the coat closet for gloves/scarves... I might just have to do this! Thanks for the great idea!!

MarytheKay said...

You should link up this idea to She hosts a Works for Me carnival every Wednesday!

Shelley said...

I too love the shoe organizers! I have one in Ellie's room for all her American girl outfits. I love the barbie idea though, and will be doing that soon!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it this week at WFMW. I appreciate it.

Stop by and say hi at my blog anytime! I love visitors.

Blessings! :)