Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bye Bye Snow...

I am probably one of the only moms in town sad to see the snow melt.

Of the last 10 school days, we have had 7 snow days!

I really love snow days.

I love making my kids a hot breakfast and staying in jammies past 10am.

I love the ins and outs and wet clothes all over the floor.

I love the constant hum of the dryer and the smells of baked goodies.

I love that all four of my kiddos are home.

I love the excitement in the twins eyes when they come out of their bedroom in the morning and see that JP and AJ are still home.

I love the cleared schedule.

I think snow here in our neck of the woods is God's way of saying, "slow down, stay home, and just be."

So these past two weeks while many were complaining I was shoveling my driveway with a smile, baking yummy snacks with my children, throwing snowballs at a 9 year old, building a snowman with a 6 year old, trying to share my love of snow with two 2 year olds, sledding like a 8 year old, and hiking through God's country admiring His creations.

It was an amazing break.

Bye bye snow, please come again soon.

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