Monday, February 28, 2011

My executive decision on school yearbooks...

The other day both of the kids brought home order forms for the school yearbook.



Flash forward 4 more years and that will be twenty six bucks times FOUR kids.

For a hardback yearbook of grades pre-k thru 6th.

When I was in this same school, the yearbook was $6 and paperback.  So my parents always bought my sister and I both one.

I thought I would do the same for my kids and then I thought about it long and hard.

  • Our school is really too big to have just one yearbook for grades pre-k thru 6th.  I think it would be a safe guess to say that our school's population has doubled since I was JP's age.  If each little school had it's own year book that would also allow for more candid shots, which are the best part of the book anyhow.

  • Speaking of candids, last year's book had the fewest candid shots I have ever seen in a year book.  One page with 6-9 photos per grade.  That is highly difficult to try and show the happenings of  200+ kids during a nine month period.   

  • The yearbooks are put together by parent volunteers using photos from teachers, and or that parent volunteer.  I can think of one particular year where the same photo was used multiple times in the book.  Silly. 

Then in occurred to me that this year I have had the opportunity to help A LOT in AJ's class.  I have lots of photos from field trips, class parties, the playground, cooking, and centers. 


Order one yearbook for the kids to SHARE!

Then I will make a photobook for AJ, probably for free, using one of the digital photo sites.  It will be far more special than a traditional yearbook because WE get to cutomize it.

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Jeannette said...

Not to stress you out any more, but the highschool yearbooks are like twice that much!!! Thankfully my kids are not that interested in them!