Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day...

Valentines Day has always cracked me up a bit.

It is the commercialism of it that I laugh at.

Last night I was in the local big box store watching people fill their carts with heart shaped boxes of chocolate, red and pink stuffed animals of all sizes, and balloons.

I laugh because in a week those heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be in the trash, half eaten. The balloons will be popped or deflated. By May every garage sale will have hideous valentine themed stuffed animals for a quarter.

I mean if you are gonna give a valentines day gift, give something the person is actually gonna use.

I for one would like one of these, or these, or these.
Those are practical gifts that would remind me I am loved.

I am also a fan of the homemade valentine.

The fun little things you do for the holiday that don't really cost a lot, but the kids are sure to remember.

Cute love banner in the window.

Valentine subway art framed around.

Homemade photo valentines.

Candle lit dinner.

Heart shaped pizza.

Heart shaped pepperonis.

Heart shaped cookie cake.

Of course a special little toy for each child. JP got toy story lego set. AJ got a little tinkerbell playset. Little Guy got a Handy Manny character set. Big Guy got Sheriff from the movie Cars. Best of all...all that was FREE! I love coupons!

Candle lit dinner

Heart Shaped Pizza with heart pepperonis

Cookie Cake

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