Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Day in a Nuthouse...


Just to give you an idea to the chaos of my wonderful life, here is a summary of today.

Pry self out of bed at 7am, after having jabbed husband over and over to go get AJ up.  (JP likes to wake at 6am, why I will never know)

Shower, dress, and brush teeth all while answering 47 different morning time questions from the 9 and 6 year olds. 

Fix AJ's hair...precisely according to her particular taste for that day. 

Rush in babies room at 7:50 to dress them fast and throw waffles and milk sippy cups at them.

Chase people into the car at 8:05 to leave for school drop off.  (My children are both type A and must arrive ridiculously early)

Head to the Y after drop off for a glorious hour on the treadmill.  It was delightful.  1 hour of walking and running.  Love Love Love

Leave Y at 10am to head to Kindermusik.  Who cares if I am sweaty and sticky heading there, I will be sweaty and sticky by the end of class from chasing after my two monkeys.

Leave music class at 11:15 and head straight over to giftshop.  Verify new merchandise and decide the twinadoes are just not capable of working the ole giftshop like the big kids were, so abort that mission.

Drive through McD's for a McDouble for the twins to split and a lovely parfait for myself. 

Swing past The Warehouse to check on more new merchandise and paperwork. 12:00

Scream, Laugh, Sing crazy loud in attempt at keeping twins awake on the ride home from Warehouse.

Fail miserably.

Put twins down for nap anyhow. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

1:00 prepare crockpot BBQ pulled pork.  I know most people do this in the am.  We eat late, like 9pm or later. 

Repeatedly bust into bedroom so many times my patience wears and I finally remove all toys from twins bedroom. Changing poopy diapers every time.  Like at least 4.  seriously.

2:30 still major refusals to nap.  Little Guy SCREAMING. Retrieve him snuggle on couch.

Realize it is 3:00 pm Little Guy has just fallen asleep, Big Guy is silent in his room.  Victory....EXCEPT they must be put in the car in 15 minutes to go pick up big kids.  Major bummer.

3:30 Pushed waking the boys, so we are sure to be late picking up big kids.

3:50 everyone still standing outside school.  yay!

4:00 arrive at secret park.  I love this park because no one ever goes there.  love it.  AJ plays with babies on playground, while I play baseball with JP.  We have an intense 1 hour long practice with me firing balls at him, hitting pop flys and grounders, followed up with pitching practice.  He is lucky I was a great ball player.

5:15 Daddy arrives at park to tag me out.  Praise the Lord!

5:30 I head to Giftshop to put awesome new freight out

7:57 realize I have kept my poor gal working so long she needs food, order pizzas.  They smell so good I am having a hard time resisting eating it instead of the BBQ waiting at home!

9:45 arrive home to eat dinner and direct Aaron where to hang new coat rack I designed.

Hope to be in bed before midnight, so I can do it all over again tomorrow.  Except tomorrow is soccer, gymnastics, and different new favorite SCRAPBOOKING!

I am tired.

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