Monday, March 7, 2011


The Question of the Week over at Multiples and More is:

Ask your readers any question you want.

What is the most annoying comment strangers, and or friends make to you regarding your multiples?

Although I have several that annoy me, the one that lately has me perturbed is: 
 'I always wanted to have twins'

I mean how do I respond, politely, to this?

This is what I would LOVE to say, if I was brave enough...

Really?  You mean you would want to:
 endure a high risk pregnancy
be cut open to deliver babies
  NOT sleep for an entire year
 have countless strangers asking you ridiculous personal questions in the soup aisle
feel like a terrible mother because someone is always crying and there is only one of me
 always thinking about who you picked up first last
wondering if you loved on each baby enough for the day
feeling exhausted everysingleday
be left with a post-twin body that will NEVER EVER be the same

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY TWINS. 
It is not something I would have wished for, or hoped for.

Having multiples is a gift.
A gift from God.

He decided, I was perfect for this job.
And that is how I survive my days.

He only gives us what we can handle.

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

I tell myself that MANY times a day. 
He believes in me, so I should believe in me.

Throughout these chaotic days of streaking babies, poop on the floor, and food splatter on the ceiling; I also have the privilege of getting twice the love.

I get to experience two times the sloppy kisses, two times the hugs, two times the giggles, two times the smiles, two times 'the firsts'.  I also have front row seats to witnessing a bond that is like no other. 

It is amazing!

So perhaps it is the twice the love that is what the strangers really want when they say, "I always wanted twins"


melissa said...

LOVE this post!!
our babies are too cute!

Johanna said...

I HATE when people ask (or tell) me which one is the shy one... or the smart one... or the friendly one. In front of them, like they are dogs and don't understand. Ugh! Other than that, we generally enjoy the comments... people are just fascinated with multiples, and I think they benefit from so much (generally) positive stranger interaction.

Found you on Multiples & More - your family is beautiful. :)

Shelley said...

I think it's the "cuteness" factor that twins have, that makes people think they want twins. At least that is what I was always drawn to. Obviously reality is quite different than the glimpses people catch as they pass you in walmart. I mean my entire view of motherhood was of cute babies and toddlers that I'd seen and played with in the church nursery. Twins or singles, I thought my life with kids would be rosy and perfect. Not so much. Am I blessed? YES! But reality is different than I thought it would be.

Janelle said...

I just think people don't know what to say. They want to be nice and start a conversation, but maybe they just don't know how. I am sorry this bothers you. We all have our things that bug us about strangers. For me it was when people told me how little Zeb was compared to their neighbors grandchildren, or whatever. Shake it off, sis!

Jamie said...

Great perspective. I am a proud aunt of twins. You and Kristi and blessed for sure.

kristi said...

This post made me tear up a little, especially the part about always having to choose who to comfort when they are both crying. It is a constant struggle with guilt for me. I think the worst thing anyone has said to me has been, "I have always wanted to have twins, because I think it would be easier. They would always have a playmate." That is one of those "check your face" moments that I have to make sure my jaw has not hit the floor. I totally agree that we are tremedously blessed for being chosen to be the mommies of twins, but easy is not a word that I would use to describe it.