Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen...

I am feeling more list like today so here ya go....

13 Random Things That Have Popped Into My Head Today...

1.  I am EXHAUSTED lately.

2.  Having two 2 year olds that don't nap could drive a sane person NUTS.

3.  Trying to schedule spring sports for my two oldest children is like training to align the planets.

4.  Some people update their FB statuses WAAAY too much.  Is it possible they are so insecure that they are hoping to feel better by making the world amazed at how busy they are? 

5.  You think I could put Chauffeuring as a hobby?  I mean that is all I do these days. 

6.  On the way to pick up AJ from gym I decided, "Hey I have an extra few minutes, I should run up and run a mile quick."

7.  I wish I ran more often, but I don't always have the time.  Hence the reason behind the crazy spur of the moment mile run.

8.  This town needs a Mother's Day Out Program.  I would be so delighted to have just one day of the week by myself to either grocery shop, clean, or just sit and drool.

9.  I really need a weekend away with my husband.  We have not been away without children since the honeymoon.  Sad.

10.  Although my babies are still nursing here and there, I am trying to retrain my body that it is not sustaining life for 3 any longer.  For 3 full years I have been eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I wanted.  It is time to stop that.  Also sad.

11.  Less is More.  I have so much I want to get out of this house, but the whole putting things on craigslist is kinda time consuming. I wish I could just snap my fingers and have a little pile of cash and more space. 

12.  I can't stand when people talk in text form in their FB statuses.  Drives me crazy.  Especially when said person is a teacher!?

13.  My husband is amazing.  Simply amazing.

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Becky said...

I cannot stand texting language in anything but a text message. I have had businesses send an email and used texting language. So unprofessional. I would say when you come to see me you can leave the kids and have a day or two with AP, but he will be back home at work, so that wouldn't work. :( Perhaps you will get getaway sometime soon. Hopefully my statues don't bother you. I just get bored during the day and usually post something. I'm sure that will change in about 4 weeks! As for the chauffeur as a hobby, I think that is more of a job for you. So I would add it to the old resume! :)

You do an amazing job! Just keep that in mind.