Friday, April 22, 2011


Little Guy is an entertainer.

He loves to be in the spotlight.   A free spirit with unique ideas.

He sings often.  He plays dress up.  He doesn't really care for toys.  He is passionate about phones, shoes, hats, and bags.  He loves to cook.  He has wild hair.

He is different than the other 3 kids.

(his new nickname)

Wednesday he wanted to wear J's soccer cleats and carry AJ's flowery purse.  I put my foot down on the cleats because that wouldn't really be safe, but I allowed the purse.

Or in this case...murse.

When we arrived at Kindermusik I looked back and saw he was now wearing the murse as a necklace.


He was insistent on keeping it on, so I just obliged.

He wore that goofy murse necklace for HOURS. 

How can I say no to that adorable little face though?


Janelle said...

The murse made me happy when I saw him in music.

Shelley said...

Love that little guy!

Alana said...

I loved it so much!