Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This past weekend AJ had her first 'real gymnastics meet'.

She was judged.

We were not prepared for that. 

And by we, I mean she.

Really it is my fault I failed to explain the whole gymnastics scoring/judging and level competition to my sweet six year old.

She watched the Level 2 girls reward ceremony.  She saw several of her friends receive 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places.  Then inside her adorable little head she thought, "Hey I am a level 3 which is higher than level 2 so I will get 1st place for sure."

Then off she went to compete.

She knew her floor routine very well, but had spent the previous weeks working tirelessly on her bar routine.  She wasn't even competing in bar, but she has been trying to nail the dismount.  It just never even occurred to me to have her fine tune her floor routine so that each roll, jump, and arm was precisely where it should be. 

She is only 6.  I am used to the whole it is about participation thing.  I mean JP just started playing sports for real wins and losses, and real judgements at 9.

So when she came off the award ceremony and that little 6 year old lip was  quivering, I felt like I failed her.

I failed to prepare her.

My sweet girl was heart broken.

After an hour long car ride to a soccer game, she was feeling a bit better.  Especially with the promise of ice cream.

We talked about how every competition from here on out can only get better.  She has a personal record to now beat. 

I have no doubt she will be moving on up on that podium. 

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Janelle said...

I miss gymnastics! boo.

Anyway, she is sure to get better and better.