Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opposites Photo Class Day Five...

Today's topic is QUIET. 


With four kids we have a house full of anything but quiet.

Perhaps the hours of midnight to 6am are quiet, but I am not getting up to find out.

On the off chance that things are quiet, it usually means trouble.

iso 3200, 1/160s, AP 4.0
no flash

(this photo was a few days ago and I just grabbed the camera quick without changing iso)

The above photo was created by Big Guy who QUIETLY emptied an entire jar of sprinkles from the baking cabinet drawer. 

I can tell you if takes .1 seconds to empty said jar, and it takes 45 minutes to clean it up!

The other rare moments the house is QUIET is when the children are eating.

 iso 200, 1/800s, AP 4.0
no flash

iso 200, 1/800s, AP 4.0

These photos were this afternoon, sitting on the edge of the garage.  Little Guy is on the left and Big Guy is on the right.  Check out Big Guy's concentration!


Janelle said...

They sure are cute!

Shelley said...

I found it hard the other day to find time to get a natural light pic of one of my kids. Life is so busy when there is natural light! I don't slow down until the darkness starts to set in! Quiet is the same way! Love your pics!

Alana said...

Laws of mercy on that mess...ack!

And love the determined look on their faces with the popcicles!