Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Opposites Photo Class Day One...

A neat gal I 'met' through blog world is hosting a photo class.  I have been so impressed with her craftiness, and deal alerts I figured I could not miss out on a photo class.

Plus it is free.  Sweet.

Her day one challenge is a photo featuring OLD.

I chose the photo of AJ because she is sitting on the dock of one of my family's businesses.  I grew up running all over these properties playing with sticks, cardboard boxes, climbing trees, selling things, playing in puddles, and much more. 

These stores were my playground, but they were also a source of valuable teachings.  I learned the value of a dollar early on by setting up my own businesses on the front porches.  I sold candy to tourists.  I charged employees to go get their lunches.  I manned one of America's very first One Dollar Shops by myself for a few shifts.  Just a few cardboard tables with random junk for just $1.  My how the quality of $1 items has come in 20 years.  I still have my hourly sales numbers clipped to the very same clipboard that I used way back when I was just a tween, hanging in my 'office'. 

I use the term office loosely because since my 4 kiddos have come along, my office is really their office.  Otherwise known as a playroom.  They are now right where I was 20 plus years ago, growing up learning how to run a business.  Learning that if you made ten cents more than you spent, you are slowly becoming rich. 

I am so thankful for those family businesses, I pray they remain in the family for the next generation.

iso 100, 1/200sec, f 7.1
on a crazy sunny day

(honestly have no idea why on any of the above, I just mess with things till I get a pic I like)


bethany said...

well, you did a great job even not understand why you used those settings :) remember to use your light meter and then you won't have to experiment as much-the camera will tell you when the settings are right.

and i loved the story behind the pictures-i'm hoping to be able to teach my kids the same lessons!

Alana said...

Nice job! She's a cutie!