Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opposites Photo Class Day Three...

Day Three's challenge for photo class was IN.  Beth challenged us to take a photo indoors with natural light and attempt to catch the light in the eyes.

The first photo I took early Saturday morning after I overheard on the baby monitor, "CANNONBALL!!!!" followed by a trio of giggles.

I glanced at the video monitor and immediately jumped out of bed and ran for my camera.  With little time to adjust settings this is what I got....

iso 3200, 1/160s, AP 4.0, 50mm lens

It has a wee bit too much light, but I LOVE it! 

This photo was taken in the twins room, which gets AMAZING morning light as the sun rises.  AJ had gone in to 'babysit' the twins while I rested a bit longer.  The three made a sandwich with their pillows and mattresses and then proceeded to do cannonballs.

Because a I a rule follower I had to also include some photos where I actually followed the directions:  use natural light, place yourself in between the light and the subject, try for the twinkle in the eye.

                        iso 1000, 1/160s, ap 4.0 50mm lens       iso 1000, 1/160s, ap 4.0 50mm lens

These photos are my sweet boy JP, right before his family birthday party.  How can this baby boy be TEN in just a few short days?!


Alana said...

Love the fun photo of Avery and CANNOT believe these boys are about to be 10!!!

Janelle said...

Good job!