Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Two Cart Shuffle...

When I grocery shop, it is almost always in the morning.  The shelves are stocked and the most efficient checkers are on staff.  I do however have to take The Twinadoes and sometimes the older two.

We have tried many methods for shopping, including the following:
-2 baby carrier carseats in cart, groceries stuffed all around.
-wear 1 baby in a bjorn, 1 baby in a carrier carseat
-wear 1 baby in a bjorn, 1 baby buckled in top
-hold hand of one baby, and one baby is buckled in top
-push stroller and a cart
-2 carts, 1 baby buckled in top of each cart   *my absolute favorite!
-2 carts, both boys buckled into double seat other cart empty.

Some things I like to remember about grocery shopping:

2.  If my child is screaming because he is buckled in safely, I do not care who it bothers.  I am not letting child out of safe situation to please a strangers ears.
3.  I drive down the middle of the aisleto avoid little arms from clearing shelves.
4.  I smile the whole time.  If I am smiling while hauling 4 children and 2 carts, it will probably brighten someone elses day.
5.  I bring snacks and drinks for the twins.
6.  I promise the twins a treat halfway through the store in the cereal aisle.  They each pick a special box of either cereal, gummy snacks, cereal bars, granola bars, etc.
7.  I pick up the messes my children create, always.
8.  I try to move quick and stick to the list.

Two Cart Shuffle at BIG WAREHOUSE STORE.
(yes I was on the phone pushing to carts and directing 2 big kids, i might need a blue tooth)

JP took these pics.

I look even more ridiculous on my big shopping trip to the grocery store.  Both carts are always overflowing.


Janelle said...

That's funny. I have to do that at WM when I do my big shop. Last time I had Wit hook his legs into the second cart and I drug them both like a train.

We got some funny looks.

Wit loved it!

MarytheKay said...

Love this post! Girl, you have my ADMIRATION, that is for sure! I especially love the cell phone pic! Priceless!

Alana said...

Next up, pictorial view of how to be a Mommy to twins in Kindermusik ; ). Love ya!

Shelley said...

Love the phone pic! You're definitely toning some muscles my friend! :-)