Thursday, May 26, 2011

Double Trouble...

Naptimes are something of an adventure in this house.

My boys, affectionately known as The Twinadoes, share a room.

Anyone who has twins knows that sharing a room means trouble during naptime.  If I could have kept them safely in their cribs till they were 18, I absolutely would have.

Yesterday I had removed most of their toys from their room.  I left a few bulky toys that easily set on their shelves, and 1 bucket of cars.  And yet with that little bit of entertainment, they still amused themselves for over an hour.

Of course things quieted down just before it was time to wake them, to go get the big kids from school.  When I went in I was greeted with a scene similar to a natural disaster.

Mattresses and toys strewn about and clothes removed.  Big Guy had removed his poopy diaper and fallen asleep on his tummy on the wood base of his bed.  Little Guy appeared to fall into his slumber in a large pile of toys. 

Everyday is an adventure with 2 two year olds.


Jamie said...

You are one busy lady. Maybe someday you will laugh.

Alana said...

Oh boy, that is crazy! At least they did finally fall asleep! :-)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

That is too funny! I sure do miss nap time.