Monday, May 2, 2011

My Dream Guy...

Aaron is an amazing Dad.

He is an even better husband.

I am beyond thankful God chose him to be my husband.

What a Blessing.

Over the weekend we had a soccer tournament in The Big City, which required a hotel stay.

Hotels with The Twinadoes are not relaxing AT ALL.

They bounce from one thing to the next, like pinballs of destruction.

Because they have been sleeping in big boy beds since October 2010, they are reluctant to sleep in a play yard.  I should have called down for a foldaway bed, but I was reluctant to draw attention to the fact we had 6 in our room. (Most hotels require families of 6 to have 2 rooms, our hotel did not ask how many people we I did not tell them.)

So we had 6 people crammed into 2 double beds.  All 4 of our children sleep like crazed octopuses. 

I was shocked to wake Sunday morning to see that Aaron had all 3 Littles in his bed.  I thought the babies were in the play yard when I fell asleep, but when they both woke he just kept them with him.

What a guy.

He is a keeper.

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Janelle said...

I am a huge fan of Aaron! So glad you two crazy kids met and married and had babies.

Love your family!!!