Monday, May 9, 2011

Opposites Photo Class Day 14...

Day 14 brings us to Black and White.

I love black and white photos.  It is so nice now that we are in the digital age, that we can take a photo and instantly make it black and white.  In my film days I would have to plan to have black and white film to shoot with, or go through the hassle of taking a photo back into the lab and asking them to turn it black and white.  It took days to a week back then.  Now seconds.


The photo I chose is one of my favorites for a few reasons.  I love capturing the generations of hands together, but I also loved my husbands thoughts on this photo.  He mentioned one day that he loves that brief period when toddlers only hold one finger with their whole hand.  It doesn't last long and while it does last you just treasure it.

iso 200, 1/125s, f 5.6
no flash

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