Friday, May 20, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

But preferably not AFTER bed time.

Last night AJ had her 2nd softball game of the season.  It was scheduled for 8:30pm.

She is 6.

8:30 in my opinion is way too late to START a softball game for that age kids, on a school night.  I mean the child goes to bed at 8pm.

So when we arrived at the ball field 30 minutes before game time to warm up, we were told that the 7:30 game had not even begun.  All games were running over an hour behind. 


So our game started just after 9:30 and ended at 10:45.

AJ did great considering she was 3 hours past bedtime, on a day that had already included field day for kindergarten.

She got a nice solid hit to short stop and ran crazy fast to 1st base.  She may be short and small, but the girl has speed.

And if you have an extra hour at the field, might as well get a cutie patootie pic of your pink team...

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