Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Pontiac...

This past Sunday was a TwoIgnite Sunday in our church, titled 2 Fuel Money and Marriage.  The sermon was focused on finances.

I love me a good sermon on finances.

I honestly thought it was such a great message I wished it was required listening for everyone, especially those moving to our town. 

Our Pastor asked for people to post a photo of their paid for vehicles.  As I thought about this Pontiac Grand Prix, I was flooded with fond memories of our 12 year old vehicle...

This car was the first large decision Aaron and I made as an engaged couple. 

It is the car we drove to our honeymoon. 

There is the scratch on the back trunk where I threw a rock to scare away animals from the trash and accidentally hit the car.

We brought JP home from the hospital on Easter Sunday.

There were the countless number of times we had it in for warranty work on the crazy random working windows.

We brought AJ home from the hospital on a scorching hot August Saturday.

Tears were shed in that car on the first day of preschool as I dropped my baby off.

There is the slightest stench of oil on a super hot summer day, from the time a defective bottle of oil spilled all over the front passenger seat.

There is the dent in the front hood, where Aaron's dirt bike accidentally fell on the car.

All the driving through the snow...it may be a car, but deep down she thinks she is a 4 wheel drive snow plow.

Aaron has countless hours invested in this car with oil changes, tire rotation, replacing wheel bearings, and fixing air conditioners, replacing other random parts.  Blood and sweat poured into it.

The headlights are foggy, the paint has scratches, and the interior is beginning to fade...BUT it is a working, comfortable, and for the most part still pretty sharp looking 12 year old vehicle that suits our family nicely.

Twelve years and 4 kids later we enjoy no car payments, far more that we would enjoy a fancy schmancy new vehicle.  And I think JP would look mighty fine in this vintage vehicle in 6 years.  Of course that is if he can afford it, afterall the boy has to buy his own vehicle.

His Dad and I did.


Janelle said...

Have you seen Cars 2 yet? You kind of sound like Mater.

Without the buck teeth.

dawn said...

I love your perspective here. More of us need to think this way. I hope to be driving my mini for a long time. We've made lots of fun memories in it.