Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Headband Organization...

Continuing on with my desire for order, I present to you my solution for HEADBANDS.

Easy as pie friends!

You just need a large empty lemonade or oatmeal canister, 2 sheets of cute scrapbook paper, spray adhesive, and some ziplocks. 

Presto you are done!

For the inside I chose to use ziplocks to divide up AJ's soft headbands.  There are 3 bags on the inside with room for at least 1 more if not 2. 

I divided them by sport ones, often worn ones, and less often worn ones.  All the hard styles go on the outside of the can.

Not only is this functional, but it is also cute decor in her room!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mayhem In The Carpool Line...

If you have ever travelled The Loop, aka The Circle of Death, then you know chaos will strike.

To avoid such mayhem, I bring along a couple of super heroes...

Bow Organization...

My sweet girl is a big hair bow girl.

So 7 years of hair bow collecting, can be an organizational mess!

I have tried the ribbon hanging on the wall with the bows clipped to it, but AJ just has too many to make that method effective.

So I have gone to this...

Clear Shoe Organizer
hanging on the back of the bathroom door in the master bath.

Total Cost- less than $5.

I separate all the bows by color.  Alligator clips are clipped to the outside of the pocket and then the barrette style are in the pocket.

Then the large pockets at the bottom have the loose ribbons (used to tie T-shirt sleeves) in one and then large pony-o ties with big bows attached in the other.

I also separate clippies, bobby pins, small pony o's, big pony o's, barrettes, etc into little ziplocks and then put them into a slot.  I only put one style per slot, but I use the ziplock anyhow to make it easier to pull out and see.

This makes our mornings SO EASY!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School 2011...

Last week our glorious schedule free summer ended.

No more sleeping in and swimming all day.

It also meant the break from sports was over too.

Although I was sad to see it end, I do welcome a nice schedule.

The first day of school morning was not exactly what I had pictured.  We woke to booming thunder and a spectacular light show just before 6am.  When it was time to do the photos it was still raining, so we had to take them on the front porch and inside.  Boo Hoo for the mom who had grand photos in mind.  I even had super cute printed signs for my babies to hold.


Can you tell how used to a camera in their face they are?

JP started the 5th grade, which meant the big move to the Intermediate Campus.  It also meant that for the first time in 4 years ALL the kids were back together, no more splitting into 2 groups based on where you live.  Although all 350 kids are back together they are randomly separated into upstairs and downstairs classes, which means downstairs kids eat together and play at recess together. 

J is downstairs.

Every single buddy he has is upstairs.

Major disappointment.

We love the teacher he received and are excited about the year in her class.  We will have to wait and see what God's Purpose is for JP downstairs.  He is such a leader, I know there is a great reason for where he was placed.  We just have to be patient to see it.

This was also the first year I did not send my son to school in brand new digs.  All his clothes and shoes fit, his backpack was pristine still; so why spend the money now?  I did have to chuckle at his shoe choice though...17 year old pair of Adidas Gazelle's.  Truly sweet 'vintage' shoes. 

AJ entered the 1st grade this year.  We were ecstatic to walk into her class and see tons and tons of familiar names!  She has almost a whole class of friends from preschool, families we just love!  And her teacher...perfect!  So excited to see all the fun she has in that class.

See the vintage kicks?  Those baby's came from Paris or Madrid, I can't remember for sure.

Flip Flops...

Little Guy loves flip flops, but he never ever wears them properly.

He calls them Foot Lops.

I wike pink...

Good thing since he has a big sister. 

I am always seeing double...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grocery Shopping...

1 huge list
2 hours
3 carts
4 kids


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Freaky Twin Moment...

The other day Aaron took The Bookends, JP & Big Guy, to soccer practice.  I kept The Middles, AJ & Little Guy at home.

While alone Little Guy got into the Gatorade Powder that JP left out and tried to make himself a Gatorade with his closed sippy cup.  The mess was unbelievable, slightly wet red powder all over the kitchen and dining room. 

At the same time in Aaron's car, Big Guy took the Gatorade Water Bottle that J made and spilled it all over himself and the car seat.

2 boys, 2 different places, same gatorade, exact same time.

Coincidence or Twin Moment?

You decide.

Sorry no picture of Big Guy, Daddy isn't as into taking 'naughty' pictures of the boys as mommy is.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Reminder...

This photo is a great reminder that the little people in my life are always watching me, even when I think they are not.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Fun Way to Welcome a Birthday...

I love to hang wreaths on the front door, so imagine my giddiness when I realized I could tie balloons to a wire wreath form.

What a fun way to celebrate the birthday child!

I made this one back in the spring for JP's birthday, so I just got it back out and changed the photo to AJ. 

So easy, but the excitement of the kids is just priceless.

I bought the wire form at the local craft store for about $3 or $4 and used a couple hundred balloons, which I already owned.  A very easy and inexpensive craft, so easy the kids helped tie balloons on!