Monday, August 29, 2011

Bow Organization...

My sweet girl is a big hair bow girl.

So 7 years of hair bow collecting, can be an organizational mess!

I have tried the ribbon hanging on the wall with the bows clipped to it, but AJ just has too many to make that method effective.

So I have gone to this...

Clear Shoe Organizer
hanging on the back of the bathroom door in the master bath.

Total Cost- less than $5.

I separate all the bows by color.  Alligator clips are clipped to the outside of the pocket and then the barrette style are in the pocket.

Then the large pockets at the bottom have the loose ribbons (used to tie T-shirt sleeves) in one and then large pony-o ties with big bows attached in the other.

I also separate clippies, bobby pins, small pony o's, big pony o's, barrettes, etc into little ziplocks and then put them into a slot.  I only put one style per slot, but I use the ziplock anyhow to make it easier to pull out and see.

This makes our mornings SO EASY!

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Crystal said...

Super awesome idea. Never underestimate the power of a shoe organizer. :)

I would love for you to link up and share this resource on my solution meme.