Sunday, August 7, 2011

Freaky Twin Moment...

The other day Aaron took The Bookends, JP & Big Guy, to soccer practice.  I kept The Middles, AJ & Little Guy at home.

While alone Little Guy got into the Gatorade Powder that JP left out and tried to make himself a Gatorade with his closed sippy cup.  The mess was unbelievable, slightly wet red powder all over the kitchen and dining room. 

At the same time in Aaron's car, Big Guy took the Gatorade Water Bottle that J made and spilled it all over himself and the car seat.

2 boys, 2 different places, same gatorade, exact same time.

Coincidence or Twin Moment?

You decide.

Sorry no picture of Big Guy, Daddy isn't as into taking 'naughty' pictures of the boys as mommy is.


shelley said...

Crazy!!! And funny that Aaron isn't into the messy picture taking as you are. :-) Pretty sure J wouldnt be either!

karen richardson said...

Oh my goodness...the twin connection is scary!