Thursday, December 1, 2011

Old Traditions, New Traditions...

One of my favorite things about the month leading up to Christmas is all the movies, songs, and books available to us.

My kids love to snuggle up together and watch a Christmas movie, or read a Christmas book.  And you can bet that I am always playing Christmas music during the carpool.

One of the things I love most about Christmas books that are given to us as gifts, is when the sender adds a personal greeting in the front of the book.  I often do this with regular books throughout the year, as well.  There is nothing better than pulling those books out each year and reading the well wishes and seeing the photo of the family who gave us the book.

This year I am stepping things up a notch with our Christmas books, by wrapping 24 of them.  At first I wasn't sure I would have enough, but after I went Christmas book hunting throughout all our bookcases I was shocked to find we had PLENTY for the project.

I spent an afternoon wrapping them, while Aaron had all the kiddos outside playing in the leaves.  When they came in they found that the Christmas tree in Mommy and Daddy's room had many 'gifts' under it. Tonight, December 1st, just before bedtime we will unwrap ONE book and read it together as a family.  That book will then remain in the living room bookcase for the remainder of the Christmas season, for the kids to enjoy whenever they want.

I am looking forward to this special time with the kiddos before bed each night.

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DeAnna Sheets said...

I love this idea! Will definitely have to remember it and do it next year! :)