Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Because it isn't just dishes...

I could have had the dishes cleaned up within ten minutes tonight.

Instead they took over 30 minutes.

You see I had a 'helper', who wanted more than anything to wash 'gishes'.

I am okay with a normal task taking more than three times as long because my three year old received so much joy from my undivided attention.

He was excited to help. Eager to wash every dirty thing he could find.

Those thirty minutes were not about getting the kitchen clean.

It was about letting my three year of know that I value his help. That even though he is small, he is important. That everyone should get their hands dirty and work.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Basketball Season Begins...

AJ had her first basketball game of the season today.

She plays in the 1st/2nd grade girls league at the local rec center.  This year she is playing with a great group of girls who are all 1st graders.

The girls had a great game today, but were outscored. 

AJ continues to amaze me with her athletic abilities.  She is a tiny little thing that just packs a punch.  I love watching her 'happy feet' as she hops around the court stealing balls and taking shots. 

She played an aggressive game.  Controlled the ball well and even sunk her first shot.  We are so proud of our "Little Stick of Dynamite".