Thursday, May 31, 2012

Drive-in Movie...

Today was the first rainy day of summer.

Well really just wet and muddy, not so much rainy. Last night we had what the old timers would call a 'gully washer'.

So at 9:24 this morning we piled into the car in our jammies, most without shoes.

We are real hillbillies, ya know.

We were in search if boxes for a good old fashion 'drive-in'.

After we found our boxes at our own warehouse, thus the need to not be fully clothed and shoed, we headed home to create cars.

The kids got busy coloring, while I did chores. This kept them busy for well over an hour.

An hour of silence people!

Then they were ready to get comfy with snacks and settle into a movie!

It is a perfect rainy day activity.