Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our 1st Date...

Our church challenged families to have a 'Family Date Night'. One where we were to recreate our 1st date to show our children.

We thought this would be a fun experience. We had a great night walking down memory lane, as we shared the events with our kiddos.

Aaron and I had our first date in Dallas, Texas. He was living in Garland and I was a freshman at Baylor. It was the end of winter break, so I drove up to Dallas to meet him for the late showing of Titanic at The Grand. So since we are a good eight hour drive away from Dallas we decided to swing past the remnants of Little Dallas in our home town. This is how we started the story to our kids.

Here we are in "Dallas"
Since we were meeting we picked a location familiar to both of us, restaurant row. We were to meet in the parking lot of  Trail Dust, a popular steak restaurant. Instead Aaron met me in the middle of the road because I had just been rear-ended. 

Thankfully this event was not recreated tonight!  ha!

In the middle of the road in front of trail dust.

After exchanging information we left Aaron's car in the parking lot of a PSYCHIC shop and got back on the road to head over to the movie.

We were sitting at the stop light, on the same road that Aaron met me on, when a suburban SLAMMED into the back of my car. MY CAR WAS REAR ENDED TWICE! On the SAME road within the same hour! For real.

The second rear end. 
FINALLY we were on our way to the movie, Titanic. This was January of 1998 so Titanic was still a very new release. When we arrived at the late showing at The Grand, a huge movie theater, we were among thousands. By the time we got into the theater, the only seats available were in the very front row. That was 3 hours and 14 minutes of staring straight up at the largest screen ever. My neck hurt.

Showing the kids how close we were in the theater and how far up we had to stare.

To add to the adventure tonight we swung by the Titanic museum nearby. The kids loved seeing the 'replica' up close.


The kiddos in front of Titanic

After the movie we drove back to the PSYCHIC shop's parking lot so Aaron could get his car and we could part ways. In the parking lot under the glow of a PSYCHIC sign we had our first kiss.

First Kiss

Watching Titanic together

There were a couple of scenes that required diverting attention and having snack breaks with ice cream sundae making, but otherwise it was a great night.

I would highly recommend showing your kids your 1st date. Our kids ages 3-11 loved it!

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