Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinner for six please...

The Pepperoni Pizza Rolls are all over the internet. I first saw it on Pinterest, where the pin I used took me to THIS site. I will not post the recipe, please refer to the link for that. 

This post simply is a review.

I am almost overcome with joy when I stumble upon a recipe that my entire family will eat. So when I prepared this delightful meal, I was excited over the fact that a fist fight almost broke out over the last piece. 

You know you have found a winning recipe when someone is willing to inflict bodily harm on another for the last piece. ha ha!

So click over for the recipe and head to the grocery store because this recipe is sure to delight!

*served with a side of veggies and fruit, this 9x13 pan fed my family of six.

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